Custom Podcast Editing Referral Commission Heading Image Britany Felix


I’m excited to announce I am now offering referral commissions!

Do you know someone who is thinking about starting their own podcast but has no idea where to begin?

Do you know someone who already has a podcast but could use some help with editing, post-production, show notes, etc?


If so, refer them to me and make yourself some money!


For every person you refer to me who purchases one of my Launch Consultation Packages, you will receive $25!

For every person you refer to me who becomes an editing client, you will receive $25!


What if they purchase a Launch Consultation Package AND become an editing client? YOU GET $50!


You will receive the payment via PayPal once the referred person has made their first payment to me.


Do you have someone in mind already? Feel free to do an introduction between the two of us via email. My email address is

If you would prefer to not do an introduction via email, you can simply refer them to this website and have them enter your name when they schedule their free consultation.